Initial Studies

RGA Consulting appear to have been employed by ING to carry out feasibility studies which concludes that, whilst Mylor and Falmouth are the ‘benchmark’ for the area:

“The British Marine Federation (BMF) and the MDS/DTZ surveys have identified a
requirement based on current and future demand, for additional mooring berths in
zones from Chepstow to Land’s End and from the Isles of Scilly to Looe. The BMF
survey shows good demand for additional mooring facilities on both the north and
south Cornwall coasts. RGA believe that if suitable access is engineered and high
quality facilities are developed at Hayle, then given the lack of available moorings a
proportion of demand from these zones could be secured.

Reports from knowledgeable local individuals suggest that, although not the first
choice for yacht owners, there is demand for additional marina facilities in Cornwall.
Despite issues surrounding access and the range of sailing destination in north
Cornwall, it is broadly felt that there would be demand for quality marina facilities at
Stable year profit is forecast to be;

  • Phase One 130 Berths £181,805
  • Phase Two 180 Berths £307,925
  • Phase Three 230 Berths £467,091″


MDL (a large commercial marina operator) was in the process of considering developmnent of a 200 berth marina at Penzance;Hayle Marina would act in direct competition.

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