Marina Plans

Very few details or plans are known at present about any planned layout, infrastructure or management of Hayle Marina. Much of the information is now missing from the town council’s website however the following image is from Hayle Town Council’s website here:

click the image to see a larger version

The plan shows two main berthing sections with access from North Quay, the south easterly section conprising 10 pontoons which appear to have 90 berths distributed mainly in its sheltered northern arms. This figure does not count the 10 ‘hammerhead’ berths which are often used for larger yachts or visitor berths, but could be used for up to 30 smaller boats.

There is an area of berthing within and around the shelter of two breakwaters at the north east of the marina developent and these could hold smaller vessels, dinghies or commercial vessels.

Penpol creek would be limited, by the proposed bridges between South Quay and East Quay, to motor vessels, smaller sailing boats without masts or dinghies.

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